Top 5 Cell Phones for College Students

Students have started prioritizing smartphones. This is a tech world and probably college students need technology more than anyone else. This is because they are Gen-Z, and they like to still connect with the whole world all the time. When buying a smartphone, they must keep the budget minimum and look into the design and functionality of smartphones. With time the phone manufacturers have been improving phone models to meet the demands of students as well. It is very easy to find a mobile phone these days that meet the criteria of quality, screen size, camera, and various other things.

These smartphones keep them relevant and help them in many aspects from writing essays to thesis composition. Another important feature that should be kept in mind is longer battery life. As the students do not have the luxury to charge their phone anywhere, they want so they have to get smartphones that have good battery life. All of these combined features are what our college students demand these days. Let us have a look at the smartphones that are the best choice for your students these days.

iPhone 11 Pro:

It is an expensive phone that goes without saying but it is the best money can buy. If you are willing to spend more you will not only get the benefit of the warranty but also enjoy good battery life, a great camera, and an OLED screen with a lot of amazing features. You can take the smartphone to classrooms and record your teacher’s lectures and you can also flaunt it in front of your friends while you are at parties. This phone service is multipurpose with all the modern-day features that are required by you.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

This is a good model and has all the amazing features that are required by a normal college student. It has a 6.4-inch screen size and comes with an AMOLED display. You can watch HD movies on Solarmovie alternative, swipe through presentations, and catch up with your friends on social media and video calls, etc. This phone is very good for student bloggers and journalists as well. It also has an amazing battery life and the price range is lower than iPhone 11 pro.

iPhone X:

This iPhone model is another amazing model for students. It is better at its advancement than its predecessors as it comes with multiple features that weren’t in its predecessors before. It has face ID recognition, portrait mode camera, and other features that were in 6S. iPhone X also comes with an extended warranty so if you get into any trouble you can get it quickly replaced. The picture quality is also really good and the camera serves a very good purpose at parties and get-togethers.

Samsung Galaxy S9:

Samsung Galaxy S9 is also a great smartphone. It is very suitable for essays, assignments, and presentations. It is cheaper than all of the phones mentioned above. It has extra storage, wireless charging, and water resistance. It is a valuable investment for smart students. The S9 also comes with facial recognition features no one can invade your privacy. When you talk about the battery life you cannot get a better alternative than the S 9. If the students are thinking of investing smart and less, they should invest in Samsung Galaxy S9.

iPhone 7:

iPhone 7 is also a good phone. It is easy, trendy, and has advanced features. Students can use this smartphone for essays, dissertations, and presentations. iPhone 7 has a very good camera and you can perform any task on your smartphone. This is the cheapest of the phones that are discussed above.


All of the smartphones that have been mentioned above are very good for students that go to college. Students can either invest more and get their most amazing features. Or if they do not have a very good budget, they can always invest smart and get the most out of what t they have.